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A Plastic Point of Purchase Shelf Edge Price Channel Sign Holder.

G-Clip® sign holders installed in 1.25 inch shelf molding

G-Clips inserted in a section of 1.25 inch price tag molding
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G-Clips hold signs and display material on standard price channel shelf molding. They prominently display point-of-sale signs flush to 1-1/4 inch ticket rail.

G-Clips are specifically designed to work with standard 1-1/4 inch c-channel shelf molding found on most retail fixtures.

G-Clips are made of co-extruded transparent plastic. They easily snap in and out of standard shelf edge price tag molding, -no tools are required.

G-Clips are 1-1/4 inches wide to provide maximum gripping power. They firmly grip signage and display materials are easily inserted and removed without puncture or damage.

G-Clips can also be installed upside down, allowing your signs to extend below the shelf edge.

Samples are available for qualified prospective buyers. Please call or e-mail for info.

G-Clip® price channel sign holder with display material installed

G-Clip® sign holder with display material installed
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G-Clip® c-channel shelf molding sign holder in inverted position
G-Clip® price channel sign holder grip detail
G-Clip® sign holder in inverted position
Due to superior gripping power, signs can extend *below* the shelf edge.

G-Clip® Shelf Edge Sign Holder    Ordering & Shipping Info    G-Clip® Price Channel Sign Holder
  • Supplied in poly bags of 100 G-Clips each.

  • Packed 5000 G-Clip sign holders per carton.

  • Orders of 5000+ G-Clips qualify for bulk discount pricing.

  • Prepayment by certified check or money order.

  • Prepaid credit card orders accepted via PayPal

  • Net 30 terms available upon credit application & approval.

  • Shipping via United Parcel Service or US Postal Service.
BULK DISCOUNT PRICING - Orders of 5000 G-Clips or more
Net Prices
Per Hundred
Please call, fax, or e-mail
for bulk discount orders of 5000 clips or more.
SMALL ORDERS - Bags of 100 G-Clips each
Please specify quantity of bags desired during checkout:

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The Modern Store Demands The G-CLIP ®

In todays fast paced retail marketplace, store decor designers strive to achieve a clean, organized, uncluttered look which enables customers and employees to quickly locate products, pricing, and sale information . The G-Clip fulfills these important functions.

The G-Clip is a POP display shelf channel sign clip custom designed to overcome the faults and failures of other existing devices. Its beauty is in its rugged simplicity. It wont suffer metal fatigue and fall out of channels after several uses. Its lip wont tire or bend causing the sign to tilt or fall off.

Compared with other forms of shelf sign holders, the G-Clip has a tendency to camouflage itself in almost any surrounding; helping to maintain a smart, sharp appearance. G-Clips do their job quietly and effectively, focusing consumer attention on your sign. G-Clips are the sign holder of choice for dynamic and progressive store planners.

Typical G-Clip® installations include (but are not limited to):

  • Supermarkets & Grocery Stores
  • General & Convenience Stores
  • Department Stores
  • Hardware Stores
  • Fish Markets, Meat Markets, & Butcher Shops
  • Delicatessens, Bakeries, Gourmet Coffee, & Donut Shops
  • Liquor Stores, Wineries, & Brew Pubs
  • Pharmacies & Drug Stores
  • Discount, Outlet, & Dollar Stores
  • Stationery & Office Supply Stores
  • Storage & Stock Rooms
  • Video-DVD & Movie Rental Outlets
  • Wholesale & Price Clubs
  • Office, Pet, Computer, Electronics, Automotive, & Sporting Goods "Super Stores"
  • Cafeterias, Food Courts, & Snack Bars
  • Concession Stands & Vending Carts
  • Shopping Centers & Malls
  • School, Military, & Hospital Food Service
  • Trade Show & Convention Floor Display Booths
  • Anywhere there is existing 1.25 inch "C" channel shelf molding!

PhilMar G-Clips
  VS  Traditional Metal Clips

Lines up with the channel lip and permits full viewing of merchandise
Raised from channel lip partially hiding merchandise
Shows only transparent plastic lip -Entire sign surface is visible
Shows most of clip and fingers which may hide part of reading
Holds sign flush to shelf edge
Sign extends from shelf edge and is more readily disturbed or dislodged
Lip and flexible co-extruded vinyl fins give 3-4 times gripping area and are not easily damaged
Clip fingers offer little gripping area and are easily bent
Is formed in clear plastic several times the thickness of metal and has no stressed or weak areas
Is punch press stamped, can easily bend on stress lines and may fall out of channel
Has no cutting edge
Razor-sharp edges on metal clip may cut and lacerate people and clothing

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